What are we doing?

While a lot is in secret development, this is the public news that we can share

We have 3 designs

  • Weekender
  • Freedom
  • Ocean


The Weekender is designed to be comfortably trailerable behind a reasonably standard family car. Some assembly is required, so it is not a boat than can be put in, sailed around and removed from the water in one day.

With the necessary emphasis on maintaining ultra-lightweight, the standard accomodations are evidently short-term however there is still a very good level of living comfort aboard.

It is equally designed for those who intend to keep it at a mooring for the season and simply bring it home off-peak for free storage. Extra food and clothing are all that are needed to close the gap with our Freedom range


Still legally trailable, you will want to have a good 4×4 and plan your journey, preferably with family & friends, as we have designed this with maximum accomodation in mind.

Unlke the Weekender, once in the water the Freedomis likely to stay there for much of the season, but can be pulled out onto hardstanding with the supplied trailer at any time. Being trailerable, if you feel it might be better to drive coast to coast than to sail around, this boat may be one of the few suitable for you.

As there is much less re-configuration, the cockpit instruments, cabins, bathrooms, kitchen & social areas offer a higher degree of comfort & equipment than the Weekender and many other trimarans on the marketplace today. It doesn’t have the same headroom restrictions.


If you really want to ‘push the boat out’ and blast across the water in luxury and style them this is the range that would suit you. All we are prepared to say at this time is to prepare yourself for envious looks on the water and to develop a strategy prior to purchase & delivery of how to keep those aboard tactfully limited to your favourite people only. However there is so much space aboard on this design you really can keep very well away much of the time if so desired.

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