Ocean 18, 22 & 25

The Ocean range will remain in design stage until at least 2025.

We want to incorporate improvements learnt from the production and sea-lives of the Weekender & Freedom fleet first.

The Ocean range is designed to:

  • Offer best-in-class interiors & facilities – bigger & better than most luxury homes, with an infinite garden & swimming pool.
  • Become a top performance racing cruiser.
  • Win races in comfort …. in comfort.
  • Raise the bar and change the paradigm of Trimaran design and construction that other manufacturers will have to copy.

At the present time, the Ocean’s “drawing-board” (we don’t use a drawing board) incorporates the latest advancements in materials and multihull design:

  • It’s very exciting.
  • we really wish we could say more.

We will keep updating it, and start on the build of the 1st hull after 3-5 of the Freedom boats have clocked up > 20,000nms and we have the performance data in all sea conditions.


Could we be persuaded to bring forward manufacture?

no comment at this time.

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