Freedom 9, 12 & 15

The Freedom 9 & 12 are designed to be occasionally trailerable, by which we mean several times per year to the nearest good boat-launch ramp.

The Freedom 15 takes car trailering to the maximum legal limits & would be best to trailer at the quietest road-traffic times to the boatyard where you can set-up & prepare for an early-morning launch.

The range is designed to keep the benefits of a trailer-sailor:

  • The flexibility of motoring coast-coast and relaunching.
  • Having the ability to take the boat home off-season for easier maintenance, better home security, lower fees and natural anti-fouling.
  • Not having the stresses of leaving your pride & joy in the remote hands of an expensive boatyard or marina.

Compared to the Weekender, the size & design of the range provides:

  • More generous accomodation & equipment.
  • A sleeker and sexier silhouette.
  • Live-aboard possibilities.
  • A more comfortable off-shore ride in heavier seas, better redundancy of systems.
  • A larger and more generously equipped galley.
  • Modern and comfortable berth accomodations.
  • Many socialising areas.
  • A more level ride in all wind and wave conditions.

Compared to the larger Ocean design, it is:

  • Designed to be almost fully vacated before trailing, whereas the Ocean is intended to stay on the water or stored on hardstanding.
  • A more budget-friendly alternative to the Ocean, built with more robust interior materials to withstand being transported by road.
  • A boat that will turn many heads, but less likely than the Ocean to cause a jaw-dropping spectacle and a following flotilla.
  • Available sooner !

At the time of writing, initial manufacture is anticipated in early to mid 2025.

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