Technology Centre (Intro)

Sundowners (Marine Technology)Sticky Fingers (Composites Technology)
1 We have boats that will get you to your sunset appointments more safely, reliably & stylishly1 We sort of “set & forget” with our resin infusion systems.
(It took decades of combined experience applied to another 3-5 years of determined effort)
2 We are developing easily storable fast-set emergency pack resin & foam-core bracing solutions for emergency repairs.2 We are beginning to open up our materials inventory at fantastic members-only prices
3 We have some advanced marine projects, only some of which will be revealed when the first Trimaran video is released3 We are starting to launch some of the epoxy-maker’s tools that we have developed. We’ll start with some handy molding solutions, and release more to members, in due course.
4 We are doing trailerable Trimarans first, with larger versions coming later.4 We have many more coming & members are the first to know
5 If you became a free member you would see a bit more5 If you became a free member you would see it
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