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We will be migrating the Technologies Division to their own sites, but the two areas of Composite Boats & Composite Technologies will forever remain related. For now you can manage what you see through your membership selections, and adjust it should the mood change.

1.  ( Sailing ) Trimarans

We don’t have plans to make any other kind of boat. But here is where sailors will find ….. trimarans

2.  Technology Centre

  • We have materials that we have sourced worldwide, many of which can’t be found elsewhere in the UK ( We don’t ship anywhere else at present, sorry. It could change.)
  • We weren’t happy with the infusion process, so we took a few years to get it right, rather than (over the course of 5000 components) spending a few years tracing & fixing leaks. If anything, our system is too perfect & we have to back-off our machines at certain points in the cycle.
  • We have some composite technologies that we’re happy to share right now & it will greatly help
  • We have some marine technologies that we’re happy to share a bit later
  • We have other composite technolgoes which will be released really soon

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