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1.  Trimarans ?

This (Advanced Trimarans) site is dedicated to Sailing Boat Owners, Sailing Boat Builders, Sailing Boat Buyers & Sailing Boat …maniacs. We don’t have plans to make any other kind of boat. They’re just more efficient.

2.  Marine Technology

We produce it, invent it, create it, test it, break it & improve it. CAD & CAM greatly assists these iterations.

We have thousands of ‘broken lightbulbs’ & will have thousands more. With stubborness &/or persistence, we create things that are essential to making Advanced Trimarans. Some of these inventions work rather well on mono-hulls & ‘duo’-hulls too.

Other than composites technologies, we are also tinkering with Auto-Pilot, lighting, engines, generators, solar, navigation, water & air-con too. We can ‘incubate’ those projects within the Advanced Trimarans community & store, until they are better served with a more dedicated community of thier own.

3.  Marine Community

We’re working on structuring & populating our community forum with the huge amount of useful sites & information available around the www admittedly somewhat focussed towards our Trimaran passions, but also the most useful things we’re found that help with keeping boating & floating.

Speaking of which ……

4.  Related web sites

We know boat ownership is a.k.a “boat repair in beautiful & exotic places”.

Boats are made with composite construction – at least the good ones –> We have a store @ Advanced Trimarans for that. We can package and target stuff specific to marine solutions.

However making Advanced Trimarans has been the driver for improvements in Materials & Technologies & so we can’t selfishly keep it all to ourselves, can we? We created an extra 2 websites dedicated to people working in composites who may or may not be sailing with every spare minute !!

+2 Composite websites

We weren’t happy with the infusion process, so we took a few years to get it right.

  • We weren’t happy with the composite suppliers in the UK, so we filled in some missing pieces. These are the ingredients for Composites Crazy = non-production-line ; composite-mad enthusiasts and semi-pros
  • 2Kg of cloth, approx. 3Kg overall infusions with super-amazing-easy infusion advancements is good, but for 800Kg – 2500Kg boats we needed something a little more “industrial.
  • We took the best of the ‘table-top’ sized infusion advancements and applied every technology & gave it an industrial make-over.
  • AT Composites was needed to build a more specific hi-tech production-focussed community
A community for home & small business infusion materials & technologies.
Technologies, tools, materials
A professional production community, small, medium, large companies involved in multiple unique/custom projects or smaller numbers of large product composite infusions
(100Kg – 10,000 Kg)
infusion Materials & technologies

+3-5 = Others

There will undoubtedly be other ‘spin-offs’ created along the way.

As (in 3 [Marine Tech] ) above “We are tinkering with Auto-Pilot, lighting, engines, generators, solar, navigation, water, air-con.” — – — -> We like everything with an extra helping of chips

<TL/DR> {Summary}

If you are into sailing around the world in new fast lightweight boats, or repairing & improving old heavy ones, this has the right community.

  • If you are doing a major hull repair or upgrade, consider composites crazy
  • If your boat-builder or boat yard is charging the earth for materials, send them to ATCompositesUK

Join a great community

or join several 😉

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